I have been hearing a lot about blogs lately so I have decided to give it a shot!  This is definitely a work in progress 🙂  I hope you all like it and find the information and pictures useful! 

I am very excited to be offering my first EVER scrabbook club!  The first class is scheduled for January 16th at 6:00 PM at my house, email me for details!  Here are the details regarding the club:

The scrapbook club is a 10 month commitment.  Each month you will make three pages so at the end of 10 months you will have a 30 page completed scrapbook for you to simply add your pictures and enjoy! Even if you are unable to attend the class, I will cut the materials for you and you will still be required to pay for the class, which is why I am calling it a club.  The reason for this is that I am doing a scrapbook in a year album and you will not want to miss pages.  The two pages next to each other coordinate and your scrapbook will not be complete without all the pages.  I encourage you to order page protectors and a scrapbook!! 

Here is a sample of two of the three pages we will be making in January.  I don’t completely have the snowman done yet, he still needs a face 🙂  Please remember to RSVP in advance so I know how many members I will have in the club and so that I know how many to cut for.  I will also have a raffle drawing for club members at least 5 times throughout the 10 month committtment.  If you are in attendance your name will be put in a drawing for Stampin’ Up! product!

The cost: 3 scrapbook pages for $20 or free with a minimum $25 product order.  We will also be making valentine cards the same night, 5 cards, two of each design for a total of 10 cards.  The cost for that class is $15 for 10 cards or the cards are free with a mimimum $20 product order.  Place a minimum $45 order and do both!  There will be plenty of time to complete both classes. I will need RSVP’s for the scrapbook class by January 12th.  I don’t want to cut too many extra! 

I will post a couple of the valentine cards we will be making tomorrow as well as a few samples from the January 20th button buddies class – please note that I will need RSVP’s for the button buddies class NO LATER THAT JANUARY 13TH TO ALLOW ME TIME TO ORDER THE STAMPSETS AND BUTTONS.

Thanks for visiting my blog, check back often!!